Thursday, February 18, 2016

My life in America (First impression & pros/cons of small city)

So... Maybe it's time to share my story of being a international student in America. (●'◡'●)ノ♥  
Hope this provides some valuable information to anyone that is about to become a exchange student or just interesting in how life as a foreign student in America is like.

I came to U.S. as a international student almost 4 years ago. I attend a private high school in a small city called Appleton in Wisconsin.
August 2012, a 14-year-old girl, me, got off the airplane landed in Appleton, Wisconsin. I had never been to the United States before. However, as a big fan of Gossip Girl, someplace like New York CIty was what I was expecting. I did not get to peek out side the window of the tiny airplane that brought me here simply because I was sleeping- being in airports and on airplanes for 17+ hours is really exhausting. 

" Are you Krystal?", My host mum, a five foot red head lady in her 50s.
SHE IS EVEN SHORTER THAN ME! that's what I thought at first lol. As an Asian girl, it is really rare to see anyone in America even smaller than me. 

She is a really nice lady. We talked all the way home in the car. She told me I spoke really good English (thanks to Gossip Girl and ANTM?(^∀^))

I was really surprised with the views outside the windows. Trees all over the place! comparing to Hong Kong and China, it felt like I was in the woods instead of a city road.

I was a little disappointed at first. As a big-city girl, I was worried about how my life is going to turn out in this small city. But God made everything work for me.

It is actually kind of nice to live in a smaller city like Appleton.

  1. Safety: lower crime rate
  2. Health: more nature, cleaner air
  3. People are generally a lot nicer than in bigger cities
  4. Weather: this could be bad to good depend on the individuals, I love the winter here
One major bad thing I could think of is the inconvenience to go places. The transportation system is not as good as big cities. It is really hard for a kid like me to go places without a car. I am really lucky to have a host family that is willing to take to to places for shopping, movies, banks, YMCA, and etc.

Here's all for part one. Please let me know in the comments if you want me to talk about a specific topic or any questions about my life. God bless!

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